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Vision Statement

To promote socially responsible businesses, sustainable and responsible business practices and compliances for Corporates, NGOs, and Government and facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility



Build an efficient and professionally managed centre to support CSR, and nurture sustainable and responsible business agenda for Corporates & implementing agencies.

Primary objectives

  1. To provide a strong, independent, neutral and credible platform to the Corporate sector, Central and State Governments, Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations etc. in the realm of CSR, Sustainable Development, Good Governance and allied areas

  2. To design, develop, implement and assess CSR, Sustainability and Governance projects for Corporates, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and other entities on a turnkey basis or on a case-to-case basis

  3. To provide research, capacity building, training, practice, standards setting and bench marking, advocacy, rating, monitoring, recognition and related support in CSR, Social Development, Sustainability and Good Governance etc.

  4. To develop strategies that add and enhance value for all stakeholders and ensure long term benefits to them, shareholders and the society at large

  5. To establish and deepen links with organizations across the world which promote CSR, Sustainability and good governance practices for exchange of ideas and for collaborative actions, and programs

  6. To collaborate and to support, directly or indirectly, initiatives of any individual, group, organization or institution in promoting good practices in CSR, Sustainability and Good Governance

  7. To produce, print and publish papers, periodicals, newspapers, books or leaflets either on our own or in collaboration with other persons/entities through print, electronic or other media and also, contribute to papers or periodicals for dissemination of information and knowledge in CSR, Development, Sustainability and Corporate Governance

  8. To provide advice, consultancy, technical and managerial support to stakeholders through a network of advisors drawn from industry, non-profits and institutions of excellence

  9. To establish a database of credible civil society organizations with whom government organizations, corporate entities as well as donor organizations can work and collaborate

  10. To undertake exploratory and descriptive research to get an insight into the functioning of selected industries and finding possible options for developing strategies to survive the globalization process etc.

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