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The centre would customize the project management of organizations by catering to their individual needs in the area of CSR, BRR and Sustainability by infusing much needed vigor, effective program management and transparency to their CSR policy, and also provide robust technical and fiduciary oversight to inform their CSR, BRR or Sustainbility compliance practices. The associated clients would receive assistance in the following areas:

  • Formulation of CSR, BR and Sustainability Policy and Implementation Strategies

  • Corpus Management

  • Need Analysis and Baseline Surveys and  related services

  • Training, Capacity building and related services  and Training of the Implementation Agencies

  • Identification and development of projects that are proposed by Implementation Agencies

  • Detailed Project Report and Roadmaps

  • Preparation of monitoring framework of CSR projects

  • Documentation and database development for projects undertaken in CSR compliance and for verified implementation agencies

  • Evaluation, Process audit and Impact audit of projects

  • Due diligence of Implementation Agencies (IA)

  • Preparation of Reports in the prescribed format    

  • Build brand awareness and enhance brand image by promoting the CSR practices of Clients.

  • Promote and display best practices on CSR, BR and Sustainability

  • Preparedness for entries in various National and International Awards

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